I have seven years of experience painting Mithila art. Since then, I have taken part in training programs at Rajbiraj and Biratnagar. My older sister and I used to draw in our home. Painting with my sister has made it more enjoyable and simple. My sister used to give feedback on my paintings and I used to give feedback on hers. It has helped a lot in improving our skills as painters.

At first, my elder brother and my father didn’t like me to paint, thinking society would criticize me. They used to throw the painting materials if they saw them. I was also not allowed to visit many places and meet new people. Because of this, I did not get knowledge of life outside of society. I used to stay at home the whole day doing nothing. It had blocked me from taking my painting interests ahead.


I belong to a middle-class family. Because of this, I got the opportunity to get an education at the primary level only. Though I could not get a formal education, Mithila painting helped me to build my proficiency. I draw Mehendi and prepare posters of Mithila paintings, and this has become the source of my income nowadays. I am so happy that I have not killed my interest.

Painting is my passion, which I can use to seek and learn more varieties of Mithila art. I joined Janakpur Women’s Development Center to earn and learn. Joining the Janakpur Women’s Development Centre, it gave me the opportunity to meet new people and learn a new art. It is really helping me grow myself day by day.

In the coming days, I hope to continue this art by drawing more paintings and improving my skills to the highest level. I feel very happy and get encouraged when someone buys my paintings and praises them. I love to hear and take their feedback on my paintings. Mithila art attracts my interest and I am keen to continue it. I hope people will help me by buying and encouraging my paintings.