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Recently BMJ Global Health posted a blog that talks about “Beyond health: Connecting art, COVID-19 and the Sustainable Development Goals in the rural plains of Nepal”. The blog has featured the current situation of our artists and their paintings. To read more, please click here.

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Jeevan Shakti Mela: Festival For Lifeforce

The Janakpur Women’s Development Centre (JWDC), University College London Institute of Global Health, HERD International, and Media for Development collaboratively organized a drama and a funfair, ‘Jeevan Shakti’ Mela in and around Janakpur to increase knowledge about diabetes. The drama traveled around villages surrounding Janakpur from the 11th of February 2019 where the Mela was celebrated on the 22nd and […]


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Conversion Of UN Sustainable Goals Into MITHILA ART The United Nations Development Program in Kathmandu collaborated with Janakpur Women’s Development Center to localize 17 sustainable development goals through Mithila paintings. 14 master artists of JWDC transformed SDGs into Mithila paintings. These paintings have been used throughout Nepal to share awareness of and promote the SDG […]

Child Rights Children’s Books

Child Rights Children’s Books for UNICEF UNICEF Nepal collaborated with Janakpur Women’s Development Center to convert the Convention on the Rights of the Child into coloring books. JWDC artists made line drawings to illustrate articles 1 to 50. The coloring books will be distributed for free to children in public schools all across Nepal. The […]

Painting Training For Young Artists

Skills Training For Young Artists In March 2018, a project entitled “Revitalizing the Janakpur Women’s Development Center with skills training, hiring and product design” was funded by the Embassy of Switzerland under the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. With the aim of bringing younger women into the JWDC, 16 local women were selected for […]


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