I am a 40-year-old woman. My permanent residence is in India, but I am currently residing in Janakpur.

My husband died just two years into our marriage. I’ve been living with my son since then. My son has gone to India for work, and I am responsible for the family. For the past seven years, I have worked in the painting department at the Janakpur Women’s Development Centre (JWDC).

Before joining JWDC, I knew very little about the Mithila paintings. However, after participating, I was able to learn more about painting from my seniors. They taught me everything I know about Mithila painting. I used to solicit feedback from my superiors at the start of my career. It greatly helped my progress at work.

At JWDC, we cut clothes and paint them, such as blazers and cotton. We also make clothing for dolls. I can cut clothes, sew them, and paint them according to design, which is especially useful in doll making. I also sew clothes at home as a side hustle to supplement my income. I’m overjoyed when people compliment my work. If I have the opportunity to learn other forms of Mithila art, I will be overjoyed.

I wanted to study, but my father died when I was in fourth grade, so I had to give up. I’m glad I’m getting paid for my abilities. I sometimes think that if I had continued my education, I would have had more opportunities in life.