Supported By UNESCO

Community Suggestions for Curbing Covid-19

The artists held two workshops at the Janakpur Women’s Development Center in Janakpur. The workshop was to teach artists how to conduct interviews and what questions they need to ask to community and household members. After the workshop 20 artists went to several villages including Kumraurah, Nagarain and Phulgamma. Broad interviewing was not safe at that time. So each artist asked questions within their households, and with other members of their neighborhoods at a distance. They interviewed community members about their knowledge and beliefs about Covid. And they learned how the community members protected themselves from Covid. The questions and responses from the interviews were turned into paintings. Each JWDC artists illustrated one point. From these, twenty paintings have been chosen. And the paintings and texts were uploaded to the JWDC website as a project: “Community suggestions for curbing Covid-19.” The paintings from the website were printed out and were given to students of all ages. The students filled out the colour in the black and white sketch. The project was supported by UNESCO.