THE Garden of Six Seasons

“The Garden of Six Seasons” exhibition is being held in Hong Kong from May 15 until August 30, 2020. The exhibition has been curated by Cosmin Costinas, Executive Director of Para Site, a Hong Kong-based non-profit organization.
The exhibition showcases and promotes 50 indigenous artists. The exhibition includes the works of JWDC master artists Madhumala Mandal, Rebati Mandal, Sudhira Karn and Komal Purbe.
As the exhibit highlights, Mithila painting is an indigenous art form practiced by Maithil women within the Mithila region of Nepal and India. This exhibition is a precursor to the Kathmandu Triennale 2020, scheduled to be held in December 2020 in Kathmandu. The exhibition will again feature the JWDC artists shown in Hong Kong, as well as an example of a traditional Maithil wall with mud relief designs that the artists will create.