I’m Juli Sah, a 25-year-old resident of Janakpur’s Shantinagar Ward No. 4. Since my husband does not live with me, my family and I all live at my father’s house. Our family is supported by my father’s pension from his employment with the government.

I have been performing Mithila painting for 18 years and received all my training at home. I can paint on various surfaces, including mirrors, picture frames, trays, buckets, plates, and wooden furniture. At the moment, I am also painting clay objects for festivals, including lamps and pots.

My aunt used to paint marriages at home, and there is where I first started to create Mithila art. She taught me the fundamentals of Mithila painting, after which I began participating in it at several Janakpur groups. I used to work at the JWDC office, Ajit Shah’s office, but now I work from home.

I am devoted to Mithila painting since I adore it so much. I have taken part in several training sessions in Janakpur, including a three-day course at the Janakpur Women Development Center (JWDC), the government center, Lalit Kala, and others. When visitors well received my artwork, I also had the opportunity to go to Sundhara in Kathmandu.

I had poor luck with my education because my father’s illness stopped me from continuing through class 7, and as a result, I got married at the young age of 16. However, I continued in my love for Mithila painting, and my family, particularly my grandmother, gave me a lot of support and encouragement. I feel very happy when someone praises my painting and buys my products.

I want to request and urge people to help and support in promoting this form of art which had been hidden for many days. Through some efforts, Mithila art can reach some successful heights.