My father was a teacher, and as a child, I aspired to be a teacher like him. I aspired to be a teacher, to teach girls from the Dalit community, and to speak out against caste injustice. I completed my studies up to class 5, but my father died, and I was unable to continue my studies due to our low economic situation.

Now I am 35 years old and I live here in Janakpur. My husband works as a carpenter. His salary has been our sole source of money. I used to work at JWDC, but I’ve been unemployed for more than two years.

I was unfamiliar with Mithila art at first. I had the opportunity to visit the JWDC office and noticed some great artwork there. I imagined myself working here one day. This visit inspired me to study Mithila Art. I asked one of the JWDC employees to teach me Mithila Painting. She urged me to apply for a position at JWDC, which I did and was accepted. It was the happiest time of my life.

JWDC taught me everything I know about Mithila Painting. I used to bring my disabled two-year-old son with me to JWDC to learn to paint. I can now paint and sketch on glass, paper, blankets, steel or plastic buckets, t-shirts, and paper.

I will always prefer painting to any other profession. It has become a way for me to live and pass the time. I feel very happy to receive payment for my paintings. The Janakpur Chief District Office awarded me Rs. 11,000 awards for my painting. My paintings have also been shown in major exhibitions in other countries, but I can’t recall the names of the countries. I plan to continue doing Mithila art for the rest of my life.