After my father was killed in a political vendetta we did not have money, so my uncle said I had to be married. Six months later I was married at age 12 to a boy of 18. At 13 I had my first child, a daughter, by Cesarean section. Now I have four kids. My youngest cannot speak or hear so he doesn’t go to school. My daughter is 17 now and studies the computer. I won’t let her be married till she is 18 or 19. My husband went abroad twice but the first time he had an eye problem because of overexposure to sun, and the second time he broke his leg. Now he works in construction here in Janakpur. With the money I earn from painting I can buy vegetables, books, and clothes for my children. I was barred from worshiping at the temple in my village because I’m from the Chamar (leather-worker) caste, and then I found I could worship Laxmi through my art. But in recent years I’ve been allowed to worship at the temple.