People in our society used to believe that teaching daughters was a waste of time and money. As a result, I was unable to continue my studies at school. I am now 54 years old and live in Janakpur’s Mills Area with my family. My husband is a carpenter. We rely on his earnings to make ends meet.

I’ve always wanted to work and provide for my children’s education. In 1994, I started off as a maid at JWDC, but I eventually had the opportunity to work in the company’s painting section. When I first began working as an artist, there was a tremendous demand for Mithila paintings. Initially, I painted on paper and garments. But now I paint on mirrors. I’ve also worked in the ceramics section, where I made clay objects.

Once, an artist visited our village; he gave me a picture of Lord Ram and Sita. I used to practice drawing the same picture while grazing goats. Now I can draw pictures of fields, marriages, pujas, animals, and ceremonies.

In 2007, I was given the opportunity to exhibit my artwork. I presented it at the Janakpur Chief District Office, which was about the flood destruction. I received Rs. 1000 as a prize for the artwork. I was also awarded Rs. 5000 for a painting depicting the lives of people who were locked up during the COVID pandemic.

I’ve never seen an airplane, but I have an idea of what it may look like. He asked me to create an image of the plane after hearing about it. He had my painting published in the local newspaper. It was a joyous occasion for me. This makes me very happy. In coming days, I hope to continue my painting profession.