Fisherwomen going to fish market



Rebati is a Master artist with growing international and national recognition. She portrays the traditional works of fisherwomen- that is catching fish in the ponds and rivers in their village and selling them in a fish market in Janakpur. In her painting, she depicts fisherwomen carrying fish in their baskets and heading to Janakpur on their foot as vehicles were not available at that time. She beautifully presents the journey of fisherwomen traveling on their foot while crows try to get a few fish from their baskets.  This is one of her signature images in the JWDC.

  • Materials: Handmade lokta paper (indigenous to Nepal) and acrylic paint
  • Measurement: 51×76 cm
  • Options available: Paintings can be made by commission
  • Artist: Rebati Mandal

The paper is handmade so is not entirely square. Each painting is unique.

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