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In the villages of Janakpur people put colorful hand-prints on their goats so that they can identify them. In her painting master artist, Rebati Mandal captures the village goat with hand-prints earmarks. Then the artisans recreate the painting into a real object stuffing it with cotton and decorating it with handprints appliqué.

  • Materials:  Felt, Cotton, and thread
  • Measurement: L51x W41 cm
  • Size: Large
  • Available size: Small, Large, and Extra Large
  • Options available:  Yellow
  • Designed by:  Rebati Mandal
  • Produced by:  JWDC artisans


*Please note that the product is handmade. So, there might be slight variations in the size of the pattern. Each product is uniquely beautiful. Please contact for the order details.