My name is Rajkumari Mandal, and I have been working as a Mithila Artist for over 14 years. My live with my family. My husband works as a daily wage worker to support our family.

I have worked at JWDC (Janakpur Women’s Development Center) for approximately 3 years. I used to draw and fill colors in Mithila painting and also used to work sometimes in the sewing department. I can draw Mithila art on paper, bags, bedsheets, sari, kurta suruwal, cups, plates, and t-shirts. I had the opportunity to learn different types of Mithila painting at JWDC, which helped me develop my skills.

My childhood days were spent learning Mithila painting. My journey in pictures began when my neighbors who used to work at Madhukala, currently known as Janakpur Handicraft, taught me to paint. I’ve created multiple paintings, representing stories from the Ramayan, Krishna, and Mithila Marriage, among other topics.

I got married in my early age of 12 so, I could not get good formal education. I had a dream to work as a officer, due to my education it remained as a dream. Sometime I thought I could have got many opportunities if I have my formal education. 

I’ve received multiple certifications for my artwork, which makes me happy and proud. I have certifications from the JWDC, the union, the chief district office, and other organizations. I enjoy creating art and sharing my emotions with the world through it. I hope and pray that I am really blessed to get the opportunity to work in this profession and present my skills. I request everyone to help, support, and join us as this is our traditional form of culture and our identity.