I am 60 years old Rebati Mandal from  Nagrain Municipality -3, Fulgama, Janakpur, far from Janakpur city. My husband passed away a few years ago, and I now live with my three sons and their families.  I have been working in the JWDC (Janakpur Women’s Development Center) painting department for 27 years. 

I love painting Mithila’s, and I am skilled at doing it on various objects, including paper, fabric, buckets, cups, saris, shirts, walls, and more. I make drawings of animals such as elephants, lions, tigers, fish, peacocks, Lord Rama Sita, Lord Krishna, and others.

My mother taught me how to draw Mithila paintings because she did it at home. I soon learned not to draw with chalk on the floor or walls. I didn’t receive any formal instruction, but JWDC allowed me to pick up a lot more skills and develop into a Mithila painting specialist. However, I now teach beginners about Mithila painting at JWDC.

I consider myself extremely blessed and lucky that my family and community have always supported me in all of my activities. I was able to join JWDC and now have my name because of my family. But because it was against the custom to educate girls in my village, I was unable to pursue formal education and instead had to stay at home and assist with housework.

I have been awarded cash prizes and certificates and also got opportunities to visit places within Nepal. I visited mostly Kathmandu and sometimes Biratnagar, Kalaiya, Siraha, Birgunj, Morang, and so on. When people buy my paintings and seem to like what I’ve done, I’m happy. 

I consider myself very fortunate to have entered this field of work. I kindly want everyone to participate in this cultural and traditional form of art and help to uplift the standard of Mithila art.