I am 58 years old and am currently staying in Janakpur. Since 1990, I have worked in the painting department of the Janakpur Women’s Development Center (JWDC). My family consists of thirteen people, and I am responsible for their care. I work at JWDC during the day and sell vegetables at the market in the evening.

I’ve worked in every department at JWDC, including painting, sewing, ceramics, and mirror painting. We are not getting enough supplies for living because of a lack of funds and a decrease in product orders.

When I was younger, I asked my aunt to teach me how to draw, but she declined, claiming it was not her responsibility. Then I started studying art by looking at the paintings on the temple walls. I’ve worked very hard to learn to paint. I can now paint on paper and fabrics. I can paint cows, bulls, goats, fish, and god and goddess statues.

As the first woman to earn a living through painting, I faced criticism from family and society. But it did not affect me or my work. Other women from my village work alongside me at JWDC, and it makes me happy to see them there.

I’d like to learn more about Mithila art in the coming days, but I’m having trouble because of a lack of proper guidance. Despite my lack of formal education, I can read and write in basic Nepali and English. I am extremely grateful for the assistance provided by JWDC.