I must be nearing 40 now. There are 7 people in our household. My husband and our five children live in one room. I used to work with my husband in the fields which belong to the big landlords. We would earn half of the harvest so this is how we had rice, corn, eggplant and other vegetables.

At the age of 15, I painted all the walls for my wedding. I asked my aunt to do it for me, because she was famous for her beautiful paintings, but she did not want to. So I painted all the walls by myself. Later on people came to ask me to paint and they paid me with cow dung, rice or chapati. After I produced some samples on paper I started painting at the Center. Typically my pictures show people doing farm work. You can tell which are my paintings because they often have parrots, crows and squirrels that you see in the mango groves near my village. My paintings usually show the activities of both people and animals: the birds are busy eating and the people are busy picking vegetables and fruit or taking care of animals. I paint women as they are now and as they used to be. Women used to wear saris decorated with silver coins and a nose ring called a bulaki. I still show them this way.