At first I was lucky. My parents could afford to send me to school. But unfortunately in eighth grade my father became ill. Then we did not have the money for school anymore.

I was already 25 when my parents arranged my marriage. For this they paid 75,000 rupees. My husband and I met only after the marriage. When my husband died a few years later, my life became difficult. I did not have any money and I did not want to stay at the house of my in-laws since they were uneducated. I wanted my son to study. So I moved back to my parents’ house and started to work at the JWDC. Because I work in the Center I can also support my family. I decide by myself what to use the money for. So I have gained a lot of independence and my son is studying. After the death of my husband I felt so hopeless. My colleagues here helped me and I also found many new friends.

When I was young I learned painting from my grandmother and mother. They used to paint our house for rituals. My favorite paintings are about gods and goddesses. I especially like to paint the love story of Radha and Krishna and the wedding ceremony of Sita and Rama.