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I studied till I was in grade 9, but my family pressured me to marry. My husband then forbade me from continuing my studies. He wanted me to work inside the home and do household work. I could have gotten a better job if I hadn’t been married so young and had the chance to finish my degree.

My husband divorced me and married another woman. My son and daughter live with me and I am 49 years old now. Even though I was unable to obtain an education, I do not want my children to be deprived of an education. My daughter is a teacher, and my son is an engineering student. My daughter’s and my incomes are assisting us in meeting our daily demands.

I used to work at Madan Kala Center, where I first learned to paint Mithila art. My paintings improved after I joined the Janakpur Women’s Development Center (JWDC).

All credit for my improvement goes to the organization. I learned Mithila art to earn money at first, but now it has been my hobby.

I’ve been a Mthila artist for about 25 years. I enjoy coming to work and collaborating with my coworkers. I have complete freedom to learn and earn here at the office. In my opinion, each component in Mithila’s picture is significant. They tell stories. I can paint on buckets, walls, bowls, dishes, utensils, and apparel like shawls, ladies’ suits, bedsheets, pillow covers, t-shirts, and blazers.

I am extremely fortunate to have a supportive family and society. If somebody wishes to learn Mithila painting, I recommend they attend some classes. It will assist you in learning various aspects of the Mithila art. If you can do good, you will be able to make money and promote our Mithila tradition.

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