Despite my significant interest in going to school, I was unable to complete my formal education due to my family’s financial position. I dreamed of being a teacher, but it remained a dream for me. 

I am 65 years old and I am living in Janakpur. I am working at the Janakpur Women’s Development Center (JWDC). I live with my two sons. They take care of the family. I was very keen on learning to paint from my childhood. My mother and grandmother helped me with learning Mithila art. JWDC has helped me to showcase my painting skills.

Though ceramic painting is my interest, I also work with other departments in the organization. I’m constantly making art out of clay for Mithila festivals. Cl Clay is used to creating a variety of art forms such as elephants, baskets, and kitchenware. I enjoy working in the office with my coworkers. We become so happy to get orders from clients. We not only work here, but we also share our joys and sorrows.

I see many women like me going through problems as they don’t get support from their families. In my case, I am very blessed to have a supportive family and husband. My husband encouraged and motivated me at work. 

Every piece of art that we make here depicts some meaning. If we see any mistakes in our art, then we can start from scratch. 

I love ceramic art because it helps me connect with my land. Whenever I start doing it, I remember my mother and grandmother. Though I’m getting older, I want to continue working in this industry. I see many young people loving ceramic art. It makes me feel very happy. 

I was also fortunate enough to attend two Mithila art training in Kathmandu. I’ve received money as a prize from several national and international organizations, but I can’t recall their names now. 

I’ve traveled to numerous areas for work, and I’m grateful to be able to promote Mithila items wherever I go. I just want to convey to everyone that we should all work together to preserve and enhance our culture and art.”