Conversion Of UN Sustainable Goals Into MITHILA ART

The United Nations Development Program in Kathmandu collaborated with Janakpur Women’s Development Center to localize 17 sustainable development goals through Mithila paintings. 14 master artists of JWDC transformed SDGs into Mithila paintings. These paintings have been used throughout Nepal to share awareness of and promote the SDG goals. In 2019 he paintings were also exhibited at the UN building in NYC. Recently one of the paintings was made into a Nepal postage stamp.
The following artists converted SDGs into Mithila paintings: Jayakali Mukhiya, Komal Purbe, Madhumala Mandal, Sumintra Yadav, Rebti Mandal, Manjula Thakur, Sailo yadav, Sudhira Karna, Anjana Das, Rajkumari Mandal, Nirmala Ram, Renu Yadav, Pano Das and Amrita Dutta. The Sustainable Development Goals are listed below.